BM OFFSHORE LLC is a bridge between YOU and providers of alternative finance. We are a financial institution that represents international financial providers who offer a wide range of capital solutions for existing and new businesses. Our goal is to assist you with your immediate financial needs, as well as developing a long-term partnership that will grow with your company.

If you are facing any of the following situations, then BM Offshore is the safest bet for you:

  • You have limited company history,
  • You have weak financial statements, or
  • You lack challenged credit or collateral,
  • How We Can Help You

    The firm we represent has several alternative lending products to help you in getting affordable financial capital as per your company’s needs. The Alternative lending products include the following:

    1- Non-recourse funding

    Are you in need of a loan to fund your project or participate in the Private Placement Program (PPC)? If yes then you must be finding a financial institution that can secure a non-secure loan, right?

    What? Still finding?

    If yes, then put your brakes on the search pedal as we are here to cover you. BM Offshore is a leading platform to help you secure non-secure funding.

    What is Non-Recourse Funding?

    It is a loan whereby a bank instrument such as a Standby-Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) is delivered to a monetizing bank under the same umbrella as collateral/security to be monetized/discounted to generate funds for your project. This fund is non-recourse to you.

    What Do You Need?

    • A viable and promising project that requires funding
    • A viable Trading Program or other prospecting business activity that requires funding

    So, clear the dust and contact us to get seamless non-recourse funding.

    2- Delivery of bank instruments

    Do you want delivery of bank instruments straight to your receiving bank? If yes then BM Offshore is there to rescue. We can help you secure and deliver the following bank instruments:

    • Standby-Letter of Credit (SBLC)
    • Bank Guarantee (BG),
    • Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC) including Proof of Funds (POF)

    You can contact us to draw a credit line to fund your project.

    Why These Bank Instruments are Important?

    You can use these bank instruments to finance:

    • commercial real estate transactions;
    • qualify for financing;
    • credit enhancement;
    • blocked funds;
    • providing evidence of proof of funds;
    • net worth requirements;
    • leverage funding for large commercial projects;
    • commodities transaction; and
    • funding and participating in trading platforms

    3- Equity/Debt Finance

    Imagine you have a flawless business proposal ready to hit the ground and you know you can persuade anyone on the basis of your proposal. However, you are worried to find a way of securing finance either through debt or equity. So, what should you do?

    You must stop thinking first and should head straight to BM Offshore as we can help you in securing the required finance.

    A sellable business plan able to convince financial experts regarding feasibility and profitability has a high probability of getting equity/debt finance. This funding type is suitable for

    • commercial real estate,
    • merger and acquisition,
    • business acquisition,
    • expansion,
    • debt restructure, and
    • working capital

    The equity or debt funding model is suitable for startups for debt consolidation or growth funding and working capital.